Are you ready to start your life in the Netherlands?

What’s the first thing you want to do when you get to the Netherlands? Setting up your bank account and insurance probably doesn’t come to mind. What about seeing the famous windmills, Amsterdam’s canals, and tasting our delicious Dutch cheeses? You’re probably dying to explore your new neighborhood too.

In reality, your first priority after you move to the Netherlands is setting up a Dutch bank account to receive your salary and to pay for your groceries and rent. Within the first 4 months of settling in the Netherlands, you’re also required by law to take out health insurance.

Finding out where and how to get set up can be confusing. You don’t want to start out on the wrong foot and complicate life down the line, do you? Think about the stress that gives you. Now, imagine how you feel if you have someone that can’t only tell you what you need to arrange regarding your personal finances and insurance but can also help you set those things up. Don’t you feel at ease knowing that everything is going to be alright?

Get help setting up your Dutch bank account, health insurance, and liability insurance. All in one meeting. You don’t even have to come to us, we’ll come to you at your convenience to save you as much hassle as possible. We’ll discuss your needs and find you the best options for your Dutch banking and insurance.

Guarantee your peace of mind with our Financial Starter Package For Expats and enjoy exploring your new surroundings as soon as you get to the Netherlands.


This package includes everything you need to make sure you have a smooth transition after your relocation:


Current Account

(Please note that you need to have a social security number (BSN) before you can open a Dutch bank account.)

To send and receive transfers. Most importantly, to be able to receive your salary. The account includes a debit card which you can use to pay in stores and it also includes online banking.


Health insurance

(Please note that you need to be registered at your local city hall before you can take out the healthcare insurance.)

You're required by law to take out health insurance within 4 months of moving to the Netherlands. If you fail to take out healthcare insurance within 4 months of settling in the Netherlands, you’ll be fined and subscribed to a random insurer by the authorities. The basic healthcare coverage is the same for everyone in the Netherlands. Insurers are by law required to take in anyone, whatever their age or medical background. If you want to, you can also take out additional healthcare coverage. The additional coverage will cover the medical expenses that aren’t covered by the basic coverage such as your dentist, contacts and glasses and physiotherapy. With our Financial Starter Package for Expats, we help you find a healthcare insurance that’s perfect for you.


Liability insurance

Obviously, you don’t intend to ever break something or hurt someone else. But things happen. Even if you did not intend to make damage, you’re still accountable for it and will need to compensate the other party. When that happens, liability insurance can cover you. We recommend liability insurance to protect you and your wallet. The amounts that need to be compensated in case of personal injury, for example, can be very high. If that happens, you’ll be happy to have your liability insurance.


Get your Financial Starter Package for Expats for as little as €109,72* a month!

Yes, please help me set up everything I need within the first months of settling in the Netherlands!


*Prices are starting from prices and may vary depending on your personal wishes and needs.

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