A seasoned expat looking to upgrade to next home in the Netherlands?


As a second-time buyer, you may face different considerations compared to first-time buyers. At Independent Expat Finance, we specialize in providing tailored mortgage advice to expats like you. Let us guide you through the essential mortgage-related items for second-time buyers in the Netherlands, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home.


A starting point is often to determine your goals for a next purchase. Moving to a different town, an extra bedroom, larger yard or switching from apartment to house for example. But it is also important to understand your financial capabilities. You already have a mortgage, does it make sense to take this with you to a next property? Or if the current rates are lower maybe you will be better off with a new mortgage. You should consult with our mortgage advisors to explore your options and ensure a seamless transition while minimizing costs and maximizing savings.


If you have built up equity in your current property you can use it for the purchase you are planning. Firstly, get a desktop valuation or regular valuation (NWWI market value report) so that you know the value of your property. Read more about which option best suits your situation by following this link. The equity you have in your property is the current value minus your remaining mortgage debt. In case you are planning to buy a new property before you sell your current one, you can access the equity in your current property with a bridging loan. It is also important to determine the optimal timing and strategy for selling your current property. You are best of discussing this with a real estate agent to obtain a smooth selling process and maximize the sale price of your property.


Once you are successful with a bid, you can explore different financing options in more detail with your mortgage advisor. This may mean taking your mortgage along to your next property, NHG or a bridging loan. But it is also important to be aware of implications of double mortgage expenses for an overlap period or a disappointing sale price of your current home. If you would like to obtain your tax rebate on the mortgage interest payments, it is important your previous mortgage terms are prolonged. You can fix your interest for a short- (0 to 3 years), medium- (3 to 10 years) or long term (10 to 30 years).


Going for a new property means you have to pay costs again such as transfer tax, notary fees, valuation, mortgage advice and real estate agent fees. At Independent Expat Finance, we specialize in assisting second-time buyers in the Netherlands. Our experienced mortgage advisors are here to provide personalized guidance, evaluate your options, and help you secure the best mortgage solution for your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consult and embark on your next exciting property journey.

What can Independent Expat Finance do for you?

Our independent mortgage advisors assess your situation and wishes in order to match this to the best mortgage provider and product. Our mortgage advisors are WFT certified and have different specialties such as buy-to-let mortgages, newly built homes or mortgages for entrepreneurs. We have a large network of notaries, real estate agents and appraisers to share with you. All our advisors speak English fluently and you can expect a personal and responsive approach. A first step is always an intake session with no obligations, an opportunity to get acquainted and hear what we can offer you. We look forward to meeting you.

Independent Expat Finance


As a second-time buyer in the Netherlands, understanding the essential mortgage-related items is crucial for a successful property upgrade or investment. At Independent Expat Finance, we specialize in providing personalized mortgage advice to expats. Our experienced advisors will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless transition and helping you secure the ideal mortgage solution for your unique situation. Take the next step towards your new property by contacting us today.

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