At Independent Expat Finance, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of our employees. As part of our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, we have implemented a variable compensation policy to complement our employees’ fixed salaries. This policy provides an opportunity for individuals to earn additional compensation based on their performance, ensuring client satisfaction and maintaining efficient administrative practices. By giving information about our company’s compensation policy, we would like to shed light on how it benefits our employees, is aligned with our core values and Dutch government regulations on rewarding employees in the financial services industry.


While the majority of our employees’ salaries are fixed, an employee can additionally earn up to approximately 10% of this in variable compensation. This is determined by several key factors:


1. Personal Targets: Setting and achieving personal targets is instrumental in driving the growth and success of both our employees and the company as a whole. By tying a portion of the variable pay to these targets, we foster a sense of ownership and accountability, encouraging individuals to strive for excellence.


2. Client Satisfaction: Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We understand that providing exceptional service leads to long-term partnerships and business growth. As such, a percentage of the variable pay is linked to maintaining high levels of client satisfaction, which includes receiving positive feedback and meeting or surpassing client expectations.


3. Administrative Excellence: Ensuring smooth and efficient administrative practices is crucial to the overall efficiency of our organization. A part of the variable pay is contingent upon adhering to administrative guidelines and completing tasks accurately and in a timely manner. This measure emphasizes the importance of maintaining organizational discipline and integrity.


Transparency and Fairness:


At Independent Expat Finance, we value transparency and fairness in all our policies. To ensure a consistent and equitable implementation of our variable pay policy, we have established clear guidelines and evaluation metrics. These metrics are communicated to employees, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of how their performance will be assessed and how it impacts their variable pay.


Regular Performance Reviews:


To effectively evaluate performance, we conduct regular performance reviews, during which managers provide feedback on individual progress. These reviews serve as an opportunity to recognize accomplishments, identify areas for improvement, and discuss potential growth opportunities within the company. Performance reviews play a crucial role in determining variable pay, providing employees with actionable insights and fostering professional development.

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