Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

Nelson Nji | Amsterdam | 18-1-2018

Independent Expat Finance is a unique stop-point for anyone looking for quick and reliable financial solutions as I experienced finding and financing a new home. After about 4 months following my introduction to Mr. Serge Pouw by a colleague, I became a new home owner. Following my first telephone call, Mr. Pouw did not only start providing me with valuable financial advice but immediately brought me into a professional network that handled everything from the new property search including the eventual evaluation, technical inspection and notary arrangements. With this package, all I had to do was to accept it and of course decide which property or mortgage I wanted. Mr. Pouw supported me all along which kept me ahead of everything with clarity over every step and so making decisions and closing the deal was faster and easier. I was marveled when the Notary handling the mortgage and transfer deeds exclaimed that the interest rate was the lowest he had seen in the past five years. Throughout the whole process, I met Mr. Pouw only once. This to me has been an exceptional service and experience! 

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