Employer statement template updated for 2024

Securing a mortgage is a significant milestone in the journey to homeownership. As a mortgage advisor we want the process to run as smooth as possible for our clients. For mortgage applications in the Netherlands one of the documents that is often required is the employer statement. This document provides essential information about an applicant’s employment status and income. Mortgage providers in the Netherlands now require the use of a new employer statement template, replacing the previous version.

The new employer statement template introduces several modifications aimed at enhancing transparency and accuracy in assessing an applicant’s financial stability. One notable change is the inclusion of additional details regarding employment terms and conditions. Employers, or their HR staff, will now need to fill in for mortgage applicants a comprehensive breakdown of their income components, including base salary, bonuses, allowances and commission. This level of detail aims to offer a more holistic view of an individual’s financial situation.


Mortgage applicants in the Netherlands must adapt to these changes promptly to avoid delays in the application process. In case an old template is used there is a high chance the mortgage provider will reject the document and ask to fill it in once more on the new template. To navigate these changes successfully, applicants are encouraged to collaborate closely with their employers. 


You can find the latest version of the employer statement here. There is an English and Dutch version available. You can recognize the latest template as it mentions version 2024-1 2.0 on the bottom right in the footer.



In some cases we can advice an alternative method to determine an applicants income. Rather than the employer statement we will request a document you can download from the UWV (social security organization in the Netherlands). This document list your monthly income and based on your employment history and type of contract  another tool we have access to will determine the income we can use for an application. This alternative is for example often used when an applicant does not have an intention for an indefinite contract or has a mobility or housing allowance they want included in the calculation.

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