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Expat mortgages in the Netherlands

Whether you’re on the hunt to buy your first apartment or are looking into buying another property to possibly rent out, buying a property in the Netherlands is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make in their life. Luckily buying a property in the Netherlands is a great financial investment, when done the right way.


Types of mortgages in the Netherlands

Since internationals can never be sure of how long they live in one place, it is important to understand the conditions about Dutch mortgages. Finding the right mortgage can be stressful and confusing. Also, getting a mortgage as an international in the Netherlands could be a little tricky if you’re not fully aware of all the laws and exceptions. For example, some banks might only take into account 75% of your income while others charge higher interest rates because they see a risk in giving out mortgages to internationals.

There are multiple types of mortgages, but the following two are the most common ones. Also, only these two mortgages are eligible for interest tax deduction.


  • Annuities mortgage
    With an annuities mortgage – also known as the annuïteiten hypotheek – you pay the same amount over the whole period of the mortgage. In the beginning, this amount will mainly consist of interest and a small part of the loan. Gradually this change so that towards the end of your mortgage, you will mainly repay your loan. With an annuities mortgage you often have lower monthly payments, however the downside is that interest rates are higher compared to a linear mortgage.


  • Linear mortgage
    With a linear mortgage – known as the lineaire hypotheek – your monthly costs will become less over time. The amount of dept you repay every month stays the same. However, on top of that you pay interest, which will be the highest at the start of the mortgage as you haven’t payed back that much of your loan yet. At the beginning of a linear mortgage the costs are high, but they will gradually decrease. An advantage of this type of mortgage is that your monthly costs get lower each month.



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When you’re thinking of refinancing or your mortgage tie-in period is coming to an end, we can help evaluate the different mortgage products available for you. We find you a mortgage that suits your circumstances tailored to your wishes and future goals.


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We are here to advise you about the best mortgage for your financial situation. Our mission is to guide you through the entire process and give you all the information you need.

With time, care and research we help you be prepared and have control over your home-buying process.

We aren’t tied to any particular bank and put our clients at the forefront of everything we do. We work on your behalf to find you a suitable mortgage with the best interest rate available. We save you money and get you the best terms and lenders’ policies that suit your situation, wishes, and budget.

Since we’re licensed in the Netherlands to set up your mortgage, you won’t have to pay any other fee than the fee we’ll charge if you decide to take out your mortgage with us.

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