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Expat Mortgages in the Netherlands


Whether you are on the hunt to buy your first apartment or are looking into buying a property to rent out, buying a property is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make in their life. Luckily buying a property in the Netherlands is a great financial investment, when done the right way. Learn everything about expat mortgages in the Netherlands!


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Independent expat mortgage advice


Most people buying a property will need a mortgage to finance it. But how do you know what mortgage best matches your situation and where do you get the best advice? You could go to your bank which can offer you different Dutch mortgages and repayment schemes. It’s easy, but is this always the best way to go? We don’t think so. Banks will only offer you their products. How do you know this is the best expat mortgage out there for you?


As an independent expat mortgage advisor we only work in your best interest. We look at your situation, what your preferences are, and select a mortgage provider and product that best matches this. We work with a broad selection of banks, insurance companies, and other mortgage providers in The Netherlands with appealing interest rates and terms & conditions for expat clients. Our goal is to give you clear information on all the options out there and a smooth application process. We are experts in dealing with more complicated situations that expat clients face. Different type of residence permits, income abroad or foreign currency, tax exemptions & 30% rulings or switch to buy-to-let when you decide to move abroad again, advising you well in these situations is what sets us apart.


The costs of an expat mortgage in the Netherlands


Good advice costs money. As it is for expat mortgage advice. But our advisors do more than just give advice. We make a list of all your personal wishes, give advice that matches this, mediate towards the bank, and make sure everything gets taken care of well. In the past mortgage advisors in the Netherlands received a commission from banks, nowadays this is different. Your mortgage advisor only invoices clients directly.


This offers you advantages: you know the costs upfront and it allows us to remain completely independent in our advice. For all our services we have competitive fees that you can find on our website. Our first intake meeting is also always for free, to give you a good impression of who we are and what we can offer you. Finally, when you decide to use our services we will put on paper what you can expect from us.

The costs related to mortgages and buying a property


When buying a house in the Netherlands you will also have to pay other costs. Some examples of this are transfer tax and fees for the notary or market value report. In our blog about costs related to buying a property we have listed the most common you will come across.


How much money can I borrow?


This will probably be one of the first questions on your mind. How much you can borrow depends mostly on your income and the current Dutch mortgage interest rates. Online you will be able to find mortgage calculator tools which can give you a good impression on your maximum borrowing capacity. But with interest rates changing, various different types of income components (such as bonus, 13th month, or allowances) and different accepting policies of banks it always pays off to have us go through this with you. Contact us to book a free intake meeting so we can give you a detailed answer.


Tax deductibility


In order to be eligible for a tax deduction on your mortgage interest payments it is a requirement in The Netherlands that the loan is paid back on an annuity or linear repayment scheme.


What is also good to know is that expenses to obtain a mortgage are also tax-deductible. Examples are our mortgage advisory fees, as well as the fees for the mortgage deed and market value report. We can even help you claim your tax deduction.


Already a homeowner?


When you’re thinking of refinancing or your mortgage interest fixed term is coming to an end, we can help evaluate the different mortgage products available on the market. With low-interest rates right now this is definitely something to consider. We will find you a mortgage that suits your situation with low monthly payments.

What can Independent Expat Finance do for you?

Needless to say we are proud of each of our financial advisors. We have a solid track-record obtaining mortgages whether straight forward or highly complex. Our advisors have different specialties such as buy-to-let mortgages, newly built homes, and mortgages for entrepreneurs. Each of our advisors speaks fluent English and you can expect a personal approach. Should you also want to insure your home through us, check our insurance page for more details on what we have to offer. We would love to get to know you during an intake meeting, drop your details in the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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If you have any questions about mortgages in the Netherlands, types of Dutch mortgages, or need advice on what expat mortgage fits best in your situation, we are happy to provide you with valuable information.


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