20/03/2018 What you need to know about moving to the Netherlands as an expat (even if you already have a relocator)

Getting settled into a new country can be a stressful experience. Luckily there are relocators who can help you make the experience less of a confusing process. Most expats who are moving to the Netherlands will work for a large company. Those companies usually set you up with a relocator who helps all...

09/02/2018 The BEST way for expats to buy a house in the Netherlands

Are you thinking about buying a house in the Netherlands? Lots of expats do at some point during their stay. Especially when they learn that you can sell your house again at any time. With the sky-high rental prices in most of the bigger Dutch cities, who can blame them?   The process to buy...

12/01/2018 Why you CAN buy a house in the Netherlands

(Even if you're an expat and aren't planning on staying forever)   Has it ever crossed your mind to buy a house in the Netherlands? Has the Netherlands become your home more than you consider your native country to be your home? So much so that you don’t ever see yourself leaving...

10/12/2017 What insurances do expats in the Netherlands need?

The point of covering risks with insurance is to not fall into a situation where you need to pay extensive bills if something unexpected happens. Most people don’t have a gigantic savings account which they can use when - God forbid - they had a fire in their house or to pay for the funeral of...

28/11/2017 My company is moving to Europe after Brexit, should I come along?

So, Brexit happened. How about that, right? As the March 2019 deadline approaches, we see companies planning their move out of the United Kingdom to the European Union. Different companies have different reasons to move. A few of those reasons are: Gaming companies (and tech companies in general)...

29/11/2017 What expats need to know about personal finances when moving to the Netherlands

So, you’re moving to the Netherlands to work as an expat and you need to take care of a million things before you go. If you have a relocator, things will probably go smoothly. If you’re taking care of everything yourself, or if you want to keep a little bit of control about where and with...

22/09/2017 What to expect when you are moving to the Netherlands as an expat

  You’ve decided to take the plunge and are moving to the Netherlands to work here as an expat. You’re excited about this new adventure and you might be wondering what the Dutch are like, what the unwritten rules are and just generally what you can expect from your soon- to-be home....

03/08/2017 Amsterdam top 10 Ipsos Top Cities 2017

This year sees Abu Dhabi leapfrogging London and Paris into second position, with Tokyo, Sydney and Zurich on the same score in equal fifth. People in 26 countries worldwide were asked which, from a list of 60 global cities, they felt were best to live in, do business in, and visit. The scores from...

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